We talk a lot about how the body is smart


If you have a problem at 1 joint then whatever is above or below will take the slack and do the work needed


Although this can lead to a lot of the injuries we see in fast bowlers


But something that we haven’t really touched on too much before is the role of the brain in all this


Now of course it’s always working away pretty damn hard in the background, governing all you do


But the brain has a pretty simple modus operandi


And that is to protect the body at all costs


And this can have pretty heavy consequences when we are both in the gym and during bowling


You see if something isn’t right, say your lower back, then the brain will put some roadblocks in place to shut down normal range of movement and beef up the stability around the area


Which produces tightness


Then we have to be very careful how we look at both flexibility and bowling


Lets take the lower back again, which has an issue and so the hips are being told to stiffen to try and protect


Just jumping in now and pulling the hip into internal rotation isn’t gonna have a great carry over effect


The brain will just think its under attack again, and an hour or 2 later there is a good chance and gains in range will be gone, as well haven’t fixed the actual problem


Then you could be looking to increase a bowlers stride length at the crease


And get frustrated when it isn’t working, when in fact there is no way the body is gonna let you have that range whilst its protecting the back


You probably have seen some of these sorts of things


Without even thinking, your body tells you ‘nope, we’re not doing that today’

Maybe its when you go to pick a weight up off the floor


For me I’ve got some jacked up shoulders, and do anything to avoid going round a tight roundabout where they’ve got to move too quick


Without even thinking I take an easier route


So listen to your brain, it’s pretty smart


Find the actual problem and get it fixed


And if you need more help then the Inner Circle has your back


Coe see what its all about here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently



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