Had a great question in last week from one of our guys in the Inner Circle


He is doing great things with young bowlers in the Derby area with a bowling academy, and he is always keen to learn and help


This is what he asked us




Hi Mate


Bowling course starts tomorrow night.


Just going over my session plan.


Would you try and do an FMS screening or think I’m better just using the time to re-enforce primals and dysfunctions?


Thanks mate






Love that he isn’t just sat on his laurels thinking that he’d just keep doing the same thing year after year


If you do that then people get stale and you miss the latest things to help them


So here is what I would do, and the advice that I gave Joe


Now you have got to think about time constraints here as well, and unless you have got access to someone who can movement screen and prescribe a program after then I probably wouldn’t with the age range he is working with


In the Inner circle we have programs that we have put together following the most common movement dysfunctions that we find, and so when they are 12-15 giving them this will undoubtable help


This together with the primal 5 exercises to help re awake the cross body patterns and movement gait will be pretty powerfully


Then I would go into more activation and primer work with mediballs


The final thing I would do is have either a game or mini assault course for them to complete


So a game can be a handball type game, throwing catching, cutting, accelerating, decelerating and spatial awareness


Or an assault course where you have different obstacles to either avoid, jump over, land on, side step, crawl etc


Both work massively well with helping prep the body and keeping them thinking, as well as helping athletic movement


Give them a go


And it you need the programs then join us in the Inner Circle here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently





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