Yep I said it


And im not going mad


I know we have specific mobility programs we used to sell, but don’t call me a hypocrite just yet


Hear me out….


You have probably read our articles and seen our videos and have watched some of the mobility exercises we prescribe


But they can be a complete waste of time


I’ve been seeing programs given to players where they add mobility exercises in at the end


The same way for years the last thing in conditioning training used to be some abs (disguised as core- could write 10 articles on that one alone!)


And you still see that now


But there is a big issue with having mobility as a separate part of training


Doing it on its own just doesn’t stick long term


Don’t get it twisted here big lad


Mobility IS important


Of course it is


But mobility exercises on their own are normally doomed to failure


And how can you tell they have failed?


When you are doing the same drills as a year ago and your mobility hasn’t improved


If you hear players asking for longer to get their mobility done as well then you could be on the wrong path


It shouldn’t be an hour session


For our lads if there is any mobility type drills its accompanied with one of 2 things


Either some soft tissue work, or stability


And I break it down like this


If it’s the day after a game and you are playing a game then to pair it with soft tissue will help give that relief and recovery to get back out on the pitch


But during conditioning phases make sure its with stability


Without adequate stability no mobility will take and last


In fact if you are gonna train one of them I’d always go for stability


We have seen great gains in mobility from getting players more stable


Way better than pushing and pulling on an already overworked joint


If you need more help and guidance, then join us in the Inner Circle


It gets a lot of airtime and we are always in there to help you directly


Have a look here


Think differently



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