Had a second hand question in from one of our inner circle members this week


A team mate of his had a query about a shoulder issue


Lets have a look




Hi Dewsy.


Just had the following message from somebody at my club, I know there’s tons of shoulder stuff there but I’m unsure which stuff should be done/avoided based on what he’s said. Would be grateful if you could give any advice at all.


Hope you’re well, cheers.


Need some advice please and don’t laugh lol.


At the end of September I went swimming with my wife and 6 year old daughter and was throwing my daughter around in the pool.


Since then I have had a really bad shoulder and it hurts and clicks a lot to the point where I cant lift.


Been to the docs but useless and the hospital referral would take too long.


Apart from amputation do you have any suggestions that won’t cost a bomb ?




Now the immediate thing I see form this is that the pain started after the swimming, not a sudden pain hitting straight away from the throwing around


Which would lead me to explore more around the shoulder than the shoulder itself


Id be looking around the thoracic (upper back) and neck area, see what was happening, if the movement was restricted at all, look at the available rotation and extension


Then what is the scapula doing? Is it helping the shoulder move as it should


What’s the soft tissue like around the area, are the pecs tight pulling into internal rotation?


These are where I would go to investigate, and get them right and see if they can clear up the issue


Here is a video of the stage by stage approach for shoulders https://youtu.be/_6evHL4Fg2A


This is all assuming that you can’t get in to see a sports Dr or sports physio


Let me know how this goes



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