There has long been a thing in lower body training that your knee shouldn’t go in front of your toes


When squatting or lunging mainly


I remember when I did my first fitness course back in 1999 it was one of the big safety takeaways to remember when training someone


If they squat and lunge and their toes go in front of the knee then stop them, the exercise isn’t safe for them


Now there are 2 things that aren’t great about this


The first is the technical aspect


As you know one of the weekly tests we do with our bowlers is checking their dorsiflexion (ankle range)


We do the wall test (the inner circle guys have had a webinar on all the weekly monitoring we do and how to implement it) which is where we see how far in front of the toes the knee can go whilst keeping the heel on the floor


And we general like to have a 10 cm difference


Now this is perfectly fine, and what we want to see, normal ankle range


So if you are squatting with good mechanics and the knee is coming forward in front of the knee then there really is no issue


And the same with lunges, in fact there is a great variation called the lunge & lean where the ankle actively goes into dorsiflexion


The other side is that if you’ve got someone with a problem in their movement mechanics, whether it be squat, deadlift or chins, then don’t just write it off


We may very well not load that pattern but we want it to return to the natural pattern that you used to have as a toddler


Take the time to sort the issue that is causing it, be it a mobility or stability dysfunction, so that the body has access to all movements it needs


The OCD program that is in the Inner Circle is amazing to help you with this


As well as the feel, move & play better program


They are all part of the Inner circle, if you want to be part then join up here


Think differently



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