Had this question in last week from Tommy


And surprisingly its not something that we have been asked too often


Which is a worry as the answer might well surprise you and have some implications for your body


Here is what was asked




Hi guys


I’ve just finished the season, and have only missed 1 game which I am really pleased about, the only fast bowler to do this at my club


Obviously now I’m taking some down time, but I have a holiday coming up and was wondering what I can be doing whilst there to tick over


I know there is a swimming pool at the resort but im not sure about what state the gym will be in, so I was thinking of getting some good interval pool work done


Would you recommend this?


And anything else I can be doing


Thanks again for all your help this season, the Inner Circle is invaluable






Right Tommy lets get into this


Now swimming usually gets a very good rap


Everyone knows that its easy on the joints due to the non weight bearing nature of it


And of course a lot of this is true


But there is something you need to be careful off


Doing the front crawl is in essence an overhead sport


And, after a long season, if your upper body mobility has decreased you could be opening yourself up to some more issues


Something we found this year was the symmetry between left and right upper body mobility has been a concern


So we have to be careful to unpick those patterns which the season have had a negative effect on


And this is why we’d say to go easy on any heavy swimming where the arm is coming over the head


You could be effectively reinforcing that dysfunctional pattern


In the same way we wouldn’t have you pressing above your head in the gym when you are showing this pattern


Focus instead of the dysfunction work that can help


We did a video last week in the Inner Circle about how to go about this, with 5 easy drills to get it back


And its part of the new winter training program as well


Get them all here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Now of course relax in the pool and have fun, but leave the hard swimming


Think differently





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