Rotational progression for FAST BOWLERS

Its so important to incorporate rotational progression for FAST BOWLERS.


Start at Tier 1 in November and finish with Tier 5 in March. Use VERTICAL INTEGRATION. Majority of the exercises are used in all phases but more volume on the key drill of the Tier.


You all know how much importance I place in hip and trunk rotation in fast bowling. Follow this progression.

1/Barbell bus drivers

2/Db russian twists

3/ Standing cable rotations

4/ Kneeling cable rotations

1/Cable rotation with braced front leg

2/Cable hip external rotation


1/Band resistance drop and block

2/MB overhead throw with drop and block

3/MB hip rotation throws [one side specific]

1/MB Rotational shot pass with weight transfer

1/Weighted ball Kinetic chain sequence bowling/4-tent pegs

These are all in my new 6-TIER SPEED DEMON program coming out soon.


I will be talking through a lot of these Sunday at our T20 power workshop, its a totally unique one off workshop with just 2 places left. This is a game changer. Email me for more details


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