Now I know 1 ex player who will love this


Our ex seamer Alan Richardson


One of the biggest Stoke Fans (and general badger) going


Never stopped talking about them, unless he was bowling on a flat one and getting grumpy


Now dressing rooms are usually full of banter and talking crap, and ours is no different


So Richo used to get loads of abuse about Stoke, with the lads saying they only had one tactic- the Rory Delap long throw


And it was a pretty good tactic big lad


He had a hell of a throw on him


From 40 meters out he could land it on a strikers head right underneath the bar, and it would cause chaos and lead to a fair few goals for them


When he started doing them there was a lot of talk about how he got the power and threw it as far as he did


And there was the usual chat about how he must be really strong upper body, and there was people coming on talk sport and other phone ins saying how everyone needed to be smashing out the weights in order to throw it long and hard


But it that was the case every body builder and power lifter would be able to throw it miles


But they cant


When you go and have a look at his throws, guess what


The power is coming from his lower half


And the front leg is braced


Just like bowling


People are always looking in the wrong places, but step back and analyse and you will normally find the answer is a lot simpler than people make out


If your front leg is completely collapsing you wont be getting everything out of your action, and pace will be down


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Think differently



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