I’m getting lots of questions regarding knee or hip dominant bowlers which is awesome.


However a lot ask how do they train and what should they change-tech or phys.


I am not avoiding the questions but there are so much more to changing an action etc.


Telling a bowler to change without knowing them or seeing them bowl is poor coaching.


There are a lot of variables.


How they learn, their personality profile, their neurotype, the size of their achilles, their physiological profile, bowling drop offs (light or heavy ball discrepancy), their basic strength levels, how effective are they at using their SSC, mobility, bowling tech, mobility & stability around the attractors and so many more factors.


Just respect 4 factors


  1. Do you just strengthen the pattern you currently have?


  1. Do you change your technique to match the natural pattern you have? If you’re knee dom you need more ‘Ub contralateral extension’ and a longer pull-slingers


  1. Do you try and train to become hip dom which is the most effective way due to less time on BFC.


  1. Do a training phase focus on improving the other pattern & see how u react


#Important info


Trying to put hip dom characteristics into a knee dominant bowler is very difficult (near impossible)- A change of tech is required


Knee dom bowlers will be less negatively effective by strength training however bare in mind that isn’t the ideal pattern to bowl fast if you’re not a ‘slinger’.


The squat is the same pattern as BFC.


So if you are not going to change technique you need keep loading in this position but you’ll never reach your ‘speed ceiling’ (unless you change the technique)


Hip dominant bowlers however need careful periodised strength training. Too much knee dominant ex will negatively effect hip dominant bowlers.


Stop squatting!


All I aim to do is educate bowlers/coaches in methods that they would not have covered in their normal ‘coach ed programme’. There is a wide world out there.


It just needs people to embrace all factors of enhancing performance and gain the knowledge in all aspects of fast bowling.


Fast bowling needs to be ‘governed by the dynamics of coaching’. One coach with all the knowledge to make a difference.


That is the future.




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