Great question in from one of our Inner Circle today


He’s being smart and looking ahead to the Bank Holiday coming up where he has an extra game going on, and wondering how to plan for it training wise


This is what he asked




Hi mate,


I hope you are well?


Just a quick question regarding the bank holiday coming up at the end of the month.


On the Saturday and bank holiday Monday I will have a 50 over match. it will be likely to bowl 10 overs each game (weather permitting).


How would you structure the strength training around this?


I was thinking that it would not be a good idea to do a lower body session on the Tuesday after the game.


Would you suggest for that week to mainly focus on soft tissue work and stability?


And then maybe do one strength session focusing on both lower and upper body on the Wednesday-or would this be too much?


Then do the power session Thursday and Friday the hip/reach session?


Thanks for your help and advice.






Great question


And here is what I would do


Saturday – Correctives, primals and mediball pre game, soft tissue after


Sunday- Primals and soft tissue


Monday – Correctives, primals and mediball pre game, soft tissue after


Tuesday – Correctives, Primals and trunk session


Wednesday – Correctives, primals and Lower body


Thursday – Correctives, Primals and Hip/Reach


Friday – Correctives, Primals and Power Up 2.0


On top of all this get your soft tissue work done as and when you would need, it would be part of the correctives anyway


And you could always get the trunk work done during one of the game days or the Saturday to give you a day off


If you need to find any of these sessions they are all the inner circle, where we bring new weekly content including workouts, programs, exclusive interviews (last one was a belter with Marcus Trescothick) and live Q&A’s


If it sounds like your thing jump in here


See you in there



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