Im talking in strength and conditioning here


Cus I see so much stuff over the internet about new exercises etc


But the main principles of conditioning are always the same


Have a little research of old style gyms, the things that used to be in them


Balance beams, rings, leather medicine balls, ropes, climbing apparatus


When I was growing up back in the 80’s every hall had a section that pulled out into a climbing frame and ropes with mats underneath in case you fell


Health and safety wasn’t something that was of particular interest back then


But just like a toddler learning to walk, you got some pretty clean feedback if you didn’t get it right


In the toddlers case its falling over when trying to balance or take a step


When climbing a rope it’s pretty similar, but maybe a little more painful depending on how high you are the time when you technique lets you down


It seems things now how come full circle


The industrial style gyms of crossfit are looking very similar to those old gyms


Exercises based around movements


And look at how strongman training took off over in the USA


People wondered why some lads were getting into the college system and into their football being strong as an ox, despite not coming from a typical gym background


Well it turned out they didn’t need a gym to get strong


These lads were working on farms, carrying hay bails, lifting, pushing pressing, and it was having a pretty awesome effect


So when it comes to your conditioning, don’t worry if you cant get to a fancy gym


I had someone message me the other day having a go because I had to use a corridor to do some half kneeling bowling work saying ‘pro sport my ar@e’


Well it’s the content of a session that matters and not where you do it


We have guys on the Inner Circle who have created their own gyms with basic kit


Don’t be fooled into thinking it needs to be something new




p.s. if you want more help and pro content come and join us in the inner circle here


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