The drop and block position underpins 60% of my exercise toolbox.


This is why most of my bowlers achieve this key position.


Watch here


It’s about THE SHIN DROP and getting the quad to work horizontally not vertically like in a squat.


The most important direction for a fast bowler isn’t the vertical but rather the anterior/posterior direction. Here is a direct quote from a recent study.


“Force imparted by the stride leg against the direction of the throw appears to contribute strongly to achieve maximum throwing velocity”


This would constitute stage 2 of my SKILL STABILITY PARADIGM and SPE in Bondarchuk classification system.


The effect this group of exercises has on your quad is huge.


Logan asked this



Hi Steff


Can a hip dominant do that too ?


Because in one of your earlier post u said that hip dominants don’t really do the drop step?








Yep but it’s mainly for a knee dominant strength bowler.


Key point is hip dominant bowlers rely on speed so don’t have time for strength to impact.


It’s all tendon driven.


 So for hip dominant you need lots of jumping and Isometric training.


In simple terms you want Knee dominant concentric and eccentric Training focus.


Hip dominant Isometric and shock/reactive training


Get it right and the results will be awesome


Think differently




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