With the summer being here I decided to take the wagon in for a wash yesterday


Its one of those jobs that’s annoying to do yourself


I always end up with water marks everywhere


So I took it into one of those drive in places which do in in 5 minutes for a fiver


Makes life far easier, and they do a much better job than I would do


As I was sat there it got me thinking about how the lads in there had this operation down to a tee


You rock up and one fella has a spraying back pack and gives the car a pre spray


Then another big lad has the high pressure hose and gives the car a good going over, getting rid of any bird muck ect and the mud on alloys


After that 2 geezers coming in and soap up the whole thing, windows, allows, the lot, they don’t miss a thing


Back comes the high pressure water pump to get rid of all the soap


And lastly 2 guys come in with shammys to dry it all off and leave a decent finish


All in under 2 minutes


It reminded me of exactly how we need to be training the body


The pre spray is like getting a movement and dysfunction screen


Then the first high pressure hose is taking the time to clean the slate and getting a specific program into place


Actually hitting the dysfunction and corrective work is the soaping it all up and getting it gleaming


Adding the bowling specific and actual bowling working is the hose coming back on and the final gleam is the strength and power work which makes it all look good when all the other steps have been taken


If you dive in with the shammy all you’d be doing is leaving more smudge marks and dirt everywhere


Complete the process and you’ll come out gleaming!


And feel pretty damn good too!


Think differently




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