Keep rollin rollin rollin’

A very simple way to find if you’ve got some asymmetrical dysfunction is to reall get back to basics


And we are talking about basics like the same as you did when you were around 6/7 months old and just learning how to move


We’ve all seen babies on the floor, wriggling around and trying to move, then suddenly they will flip from on their back to on their fronts


Which is the exact exercise we use


The leg led rolling patterns can bring up some surprising results


It sound really easy, lye down, arms over your head and then with 1 leg as the driver use it to simply roll over


Its amazing how this can be really hard if your body is switching on in the right way


Take a look here


Its part of the over dysfunction program that was the workout of the month for September over on the membership Inner Circle


And this is perfect for that little period following the season and before you start full winter training


If you fancy a bit of this then come aboard here


Lets improve together




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