When trying to get to a goal the line between now and the end point is never a straight one


No matter how much we want it to be


Had an email from Will last week who did some of our programs last year and wanted to update us


This is what he said




Hi Dewsy,


I said I would update you with how I’m going so here it is!


A lot has happened in a year so I’ll try to make a long story short


Last summer – diet was shit, sleep was crap, warm ups didn’t happen properly – did all the exercises but looking back something had to give. Ended up with a painful back, had free physio through work, was basically overworking QL and ridiculously weak psoas hip flexors and glutes. Did not help by driving all day.


Had 8 sessions of physio and got in the gym over winter to build some general strength, split squats, single leg deadlifts etc.


Joined a new club, and their 1s play in cambs 2 and 2nds play in south lincs prem (div below Lincs ECB premier league).


Anyway I have had a mixed year but 2nd leading wicket taker with some performances I am proud of and wanted to say thanks.


I think trying to bowl faster and better each week means sometimes it goes wrong and I lose control or I’m fatigued or just not my day.


But I think the thing that gives me confidence is genuinely must be 90% of those 38 wickets are top 6 batsmen. As I rarely get to bowl at the tail.



Last Sunday I played against a good team, got 3 big wickets, Smith and Green are play in premier leagues, although went for 73.


Had 3 dropped catches honestly could have had the top 5 out with a bit more luck


I still don’t think I am bowling anywhere near genuinely quick, I would estimate 65-70mph but I’m really not sure. A lot depends on the situation, confidence etc.


But I have been feeling fitter, bowling 10 over spells, getting wickets and generally competing with every batsman i’ve bowled at, been following the instagram, doing all prep and recovery stretches, really think its helping.


Cheers and all the best






I really love how Will is owning everything he is doing


Not shirking responsibility or making excuses


And as long as you keep doing that you will keep moving forward


If you need more help then remember that we are here with the Inner Circle anytime you need professional guidance


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Think differently



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