There is one common theme some people talk about when movement screening is mentioned


And my friend it’s a pretty frustrating one


As they miss the point completely


When you talk about a screening such as the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) you get the old “it doesn’t predict injury” line


And they are right


Because that’s not what it is for


All it is for is to give physios and S&C’s a baseline measurement of the players movement competency


Nothing more nothing less


The absolute key thing is what you do with the knowledge that it gives you


If you’ve got someone who spends a week doing different screens, getting as much data as possible on a player, and then doesn’t look into the data to form where their conditioning plan is going to go then it’s pointless


It’s like if you collect  reams and reams of data, then not using it and when someone gets injured just jab it to hide the pain, instead of trying to find out the root cause and fix that


Or like taking your car for a MOT, then ignoring what the mechanics are telling you to fix it


You just wouldn’t do it


You’d get it fixed straight away


Of course the MOT isn’t saying your car is definitely going to break down, its giving you indicators that something is not right


What you do next is key


If you have a screen, see there are issues then have a program then specialises in fixing these problems then that’s what you want


That’s not to say you’ll not get injured, but if you take movement, mobility and stability as problems off the table then you will give yourself the best chance possible


So yes, its not an injury predictor, but it helps to give off any warning signs and gives you the opportunity to fix them before potential problems


And we include the FMS screen as part of our Online Bespoke 1 to 1 programs


You get the screening, interventions, then strength then bowling specific


Have a look here


Think differently



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