Why Isometric is perfect for technical work is down to the myelin coating of the nerves.


Every repetition of a ‘drill’ results in one layer of myelin (insulation) on that neuromuscular pathway.


Make another and you get another layer.


Keep repeating it and you’ve myelinated a circuit that becomes the identity of your movement pattern. I


t’s known as the laws of neurophysiology.




Once the myelin is on the neuromuscular pathway it cannot be removed.


You cannot eliminate a habit.


You can only replace it with a more powerful habit.


That’s why unless you OVERLOAD technical work you will not be creating a more powerful habit as its too close to the older habit.




This is why by LOCKING THE POSITION in a skill stability stage 1 isometric hold for the ‘perfect’ position the bowler guarantees the habit is the correct and more powerful one.


A bowler can recruit 5% more muscle fibres (motor units) in a maximum isometric contraction and produce up to 15% more muscle force isometrically.


Watch these videos https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd7QrUrFiQm/?taken-by=steffanjones105


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Lets change the status quo



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