The body is very good at fooling us


Let us see what we want to see


And it can be a long way from the actual truth


Lets have a look at the ankle for instance


One of the measurements we regularly look at with our bowlers is their ankle dorsiflexion range, doing the basic knee to wall test (although it can also be done with the compass app on your phone)


As well as looking at overall range we also want left and right to be fairly symmetrical


But bowling being bowling this can be tough, and the front foot (left for right hand bowlers) is generally down on range compared to the other side


But when doing the testing look all around it


And watch the player closely to make sure they are being pretty strict with it


This is where you can get false readings as well, which could send you off down a rabbit hole that the player doesn’t actually need to go


So they could do the test standing and the score be pretty low, say around 3-5cm (ideally you want to be looking at 10cm from the wall as a good baseline)


But here is where you can look deeper


Do the score again but this time in a half kneeling position


If the score is the same you know you have a locked up ankle


But if the range is more when kneeling then you can take out the ankle as an issue and start to look around more for where the blockage is occurring


The hips and ankle vibe off each other, and you can bet that the hip range would be down if this is the case


And look for general motor control patterns and stability around the core and pelvis


If this is missing then the hip and ankle wont play ball with mobility


So bashing the ass out of the ankle hoping to increase range would be not wise, and lead to more problems that you already have


Follow the patterns and listen to the body


Make sure its not lying to you!


If you need more help come in the Inner Circle where we have extensive pro content to help


Have a look here


Think smartly



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