That’s what we all want


You to play all year, injury free, and performing well


And if we get it right the 2 go hand in hand


I hear a lot of things about injury prevention not being enough as the players would lack the ‘strength and robustness to perform’


But when done right all training should role into one umbrella


Prehab, rehab, hypertrophy, strength, power, sports specific


They are all tools and need to be used in the correct way and correct order to maximise training


That’s where assessments and testing comes in


Lets us know where you are, and what you need


Its why we try to cover as much as possible of the things we do to help you


We had a short but sweet message on LinkedIn last week


Its was from a lad called Koushik, and he said this..


Your videos on YouTube has helped me a lot to have an injury free season!”


That is awesome and great to hear


But don’t have any illusions here big fella


We don’t know everything


There will still be injuries


The work has to be done to minimise their risk


The framework every time is simple


1- get a movement assessment


2- follow a plan to remove dysfunctions


3- add strength

4- make it sports specific


That’s it


Follow the plan and you reap the rewards


And if you need it more in depth then join us un the inner circle here



Think differently




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