I messed it right up

We had our fee live webinar on Thursday night


A half hour online workshop to help you put on pace


Had it all planned out, decent little presentation covering our layered approach, a dive into each section, examples of drills and exercises and how it all fits together


Had 150 people sign up to watch live


So we were good to go


Started it off and it was going well, flowing nicely


Got to the end and asked any questions


Then bang it hit me


The screen had been blank for the whole thing


So they could hear me but not see anything


I was gutted, but a little amazed so many people had stayed on for the whole thing despite not being able to see anything


I had 2 options (as Gav from frontline screening always tells me)


  • Lose it, go mad and shout and swear at the cock up




  • Re do it making sure the screen could be seen


So I went for option 2


And it was a lot better recording


Now there are a couple lessons here, apart from a Strength Coach trying to act like they can work with technology!


The first is to always check and double check when you are working with things you aren’t totally comfortable with


Its why we put video links for all the exercises on our 1 to 1 program, and have the extensive video library in the Membership Inner Circle


We make it easy to check in to make sure you are doing it right


The other is to be open to feedback.


On the tech I was using for the webinar there is an option to be asked questions, but id taken it down to concentrate on the workshop, then field questions at the end


If id kept it up id have known almost straight away that they couldn’t see the screen and I could have rectified it, and saved myself a hell of a lot of time


But as it was I got it recorded, and if you fancy a listen the link is below https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/free-workshop/


And if you want to join us in the Inner Circle you can click here and get your winter planned for maximum efficiency, whatever level you are at http://cricketstrength.com/membership/


See you in there




p.s. places going very quick for the only Build the Fast Bowler seminar this year, if you want one of the few left then book in here while you can https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/build-fast-bowler-2-0/