How to structure your week

Had top draw question in from young George about how he needs to change his training around now his exams are over and the amount of games goes up


Here is what he said




Hi Ross,


I have finished my GCSEs (after Friday) and will obviously now be playing as much cricket as possible, this will be at least 2x a week and possible 3/4 as I have u17 matches, Club games on Saturday and then Friendly’s on Sunday, plus the odd midweek game.


I was wondering how I would train for these manic weeks?






This is a belter of a question


And shows George thinks a lot about his cricket and training and wants to get the best out of his game


So when you are playing 4 or 5 days a week then for me the prime goal of all your training away from the game is to make sure you can get to each game as fresh as possible


Which is a world away from just playing at the weekends, when you can train to peak for the Saturday game


Now its as much about stress management and putting out fires from the previous game, and thoughts of making significant gains in training have to be but on the back burner a little bit


Id structure it like this


Sunday – Game – RAMP & OU ball bowling

Monday – Shoulder and Lower back recovery programs from Feel Better program

Tuesday – Power up session am- Game Pm

Wednesday- Trunk Stability & Ankle mobility from OCD

Thursday – Mediball & Mobility from OCD- Game pm

Friday- As Monday

Saturday – Game – RAMP & OU ball bowling


Then just tinker around to fit in with games and net sessions


And obviously with your individual needs, but make sure you get the warm up and recovery sessions right


Ill be covering in detail the exact recovery and warm up methods I use with my players in the membership program, with full videos on both


And obviously all the other programs are already in there so if you want everything you need to keep pushing your game forward get involved here


Think differently