This is a phrase that still gets trotted out


And it drives me mad!!


You see a lot of people who havent got a clue about fitness come out with all sorts of rubbish


Commentators can be the worst, spouting all sorts of crap, and they have a big reach, you just hope those guys watching have better influences


Now what I would say is that bad training is worse than no training


Someone on a poorly planned S&C program can be very susceptible to injury


Working the body in a way which promotes primarily shortening the muscles goes against pretty much everything you need to do when actually playing


When sprinting in to bowl, or in the field you need to be able to use the muscles at the end of their limits efficiently.


Try bending down to pick a moving ball up on the run, or powerfully following through after youve bowled with shortened hamstrings and it wont be long before you are becoming good friends with the physio


And he is the last bloke you want to be spending too much time with.


He might be the nicest bloke in the world (most have a lot more personality than S&C’s) but you want to be on the pitch showcasing your skills rather than on the bench


Bowling is such a ridiculous thing to put the body through that you want as many things as possible to be in your favour, so going down the wrong route with training can be pretty disastrous for your game


A bog standard gym program that any PT who has just passed their weekend qualification will not be what you need.


A lot of time they dont even touch the important areas, especially around the posterior chain (back, glutes, hamstrings) which are crucial to fast bowlers, let alone movement competency


Take the time to research and get the best program for you to take your body and game to the next level


Think differently




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