This week we will be doing it slightly differently


Each day we will be bringing you a different bit of kit we are using to help our guys with their soft tissue and mobility


First up it’s the hyperice vibrating foam roller


Now you hear the term ‘game changer’ banded around quite a bit


But let me tell you, this bit of kit is exactly that


Normal foam rolling is damn painful


But the vibrations with the hyperice take a lot of pain away whilst still helping restore range of movement in the soft tissue


We have found it awesome on the lats, calves and triceps especially


Here is one of our lads on it

I really couldn’t recommend them highly enough


Later in the week we will bring you the brother of the hyperice, the sphere, which the boys are fighting over to get on


And for more info join us in the inner circle here


Think differently




p.s. to get hold of one go here


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