I love a good box set


Id been trawling around for a new one to watch and not having a lot of luck


Hell id spend more time looking for something to watch than actually watching


And then one of our lads, Brett Dol, said to give criminal minds a watch


So I looked it up, and jesus there was 13 seasons if it, each season 24 episodes


I put on the first one with an open mind hoping that it would be decent and keep me entertained during my downtime


And it had me hooked straight away


I loved it!


What its all about is a part of the FBI called the Behavioural Assessment Unit


They get called in when crimes are too hard for the normal cops to solve and they work by trying to analyse the un sub (unspecified subject) by their pattern of crime to narrow it down to who it could be


And its fascinating big fella


I love how they go into the working of the minds, why we behave how we do and the knock on effects of that


Recommend it highly


But why im telling you about it is for this reason


They get the case cracked by being thorough, not leaving any stone unturned and crunching data


And it usually gives them great results


The same with trying to make yourself more resilient to injury, and increase performance


You need to lay out a road map for success


Find out where you are, get yourself screened


Get your bowling action analysed


And put it al together into a plan based just for you


Guess what


That service is already available


Our online bespoke 1 to 1 programs will do just that


Take you from where you are, take all the data and come out with a plan just for you


Sound good?


Then click here for more  https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/



Think differently



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