Question time in today


And this one is from Ethan who has got himself a little injury


These can be nasty little sods as well which can take time to clear up


Here is what he asked




Hi Ross,


Thanks so much for all the emails, so much helpful stuff in there!


I recently strained a lower abdominal muscle bowling, and while the physio said it’s not too serious he said you just have to let it rest.


Are there any things you would do alongside that rest to either speed up the rehab or keep ticking over in the meantime?


Sorry, thank you,






First up big fella don’t apologise, helping is what we are here for, only too happy to try and help


Now your physio is spot on, with an Ab rest is key


The thing with an ab is the location


Being right slap bang in the middle of the core makes it pretty much always active


There isn’t much you do where the abs are not working in some form or another


In the Inner Circle Monday we did our weekly learning on the side strain, with a video going into the ins and outs, how to start rehab, and how to progress (click HERE to join up now to access that and all over pro content)


The Ab usually takes a little longer


But there are some things we can do to work on other parts of the body during this time


Thoracic, hip and ankle mobility are the big ones, and soft tissue work too


What is absolutely crucial during this is that the core is kept very still and like all trunk training we learn how to move around it


When pain allows we can start some sagittal plane work, some modified dead bugs ect


Make sure you employ a regulated return to bowl plan


Have little markers you have along the way where you can tick off before moving on


So could be pain free 30sec plank, then pain free dead bug or bear crawl, then some jumping before mediball drills


For any more help then we are available all the time in the Inner Circle


You can join us here


Think differently





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