Happy saturday amigo
It might well be just about season over time but that doesnt mean the learning stops
With us it never will
Today we bring you drill 2 of the bowling specifics to bowl faster
At the heart of it that is what we want for you
And all the tips and exercises we bring you are with that end result in mind
So this drill is to get that hip pre turn going
And dont get this twisted brotha
The hip pre turn will gain you pace
read that again^^^^^^^^^^^
When we have layed the foundations, built the stability, mobility and strength (your OCD program)
then the next step is getting that action right
And this HAS to be in your tool box
All you need is a medicine ball and a wall
So again we want to see you guys put this into action
Film yourselfs, add it on our instagram, twitter or facebook page with the #cricketstrength and #bowlingdrills and the best one will receive a free speed demon program
Just like our man Suhail did last week
Take a look at the drill below  vvvvvvvv

look forward to seeing how you get on with this


Make it a fixture in your tool box for bowling quicker


Think differently



hip pre turn

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