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Anyway…. There is one common way to mess up your training for fast bowling


Had this question in over Instagram last week




Hey coach


Had a question, it would be of great help if you could help.


Playing for USA lately and selected again for the up coming trials.


Question was during the off season along with strength and conditioning, I’ve picked up higher weights in the gym, similar to body building stuff, but not as heavy, just focusing on strength and adding some more muscle.


A coach from Pakistan and ex player told me to build shoulders to increase some pace as a fast bowler, so putting some load on them.


Doing regular shoulder presses, lateral raises, working on rear delts, but I also read lateral raises aren’t to be focused on too much, would you say so?


Is there anything I should avoid? It would be of great help if you could give me some tips


Many Thanks




Great couple of questions in there


First up I’d answer the tip for the ex player that you need to build shoulders


What id say to this is to remember the kinetic chain, everything starts from the ground up. For me its more important to make sure that the shoulders are working how they should, the scapula is help drive the movement and there is no internal rotation before building on them


Big shoulders and weak and non functioning trunk and legs wont help a great deal


Which brings me to the next point


Fast bowling training needs to be a lot different to bodybuilding


There are 2 completely different things


You need to be building the foundations, making sure your trunk is firing in sequence, that your technique is set


Then build from there, take yourself out of bodybuilding which is isolation and get the movement strong stable and fluid


All of which is in our Inner Circle


There might be a place for some type of bodybuilding during a season IF losing mass, but other than that steer clear


Think differently



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