You might have been reading our articles and watching our videos but thinking ‘does this actually work?’


Which is only natural


So i thought it bring you some of the real world results that the training we have shared with you guys has brought

to some of the professionals at Worcestershire


What we train for is to get stronger, quicker and increase power, and the 20m sprint is a good indicator of this


Here are the results of players that stayed home all winter and put the hard yards in


PLAYER              NOV 2013             MARCH 2014

GC                          3.01                         2.95

CR                          2.99                         2.92

NH                         3.11                          2.92

JS                            3.11                          3.04

SC                           3.16                          2.92

JL                           3.10                          2.99

BC                           2.99                         2.83


This is a great indicator that they have improved massively, and has we have been saying, this when channeled correctly

can have a direct effect on your cricketing performance


Of course this is not the only factor but if you have got yourself strong, mobile and quick, you have already won half the battle




p.s. if you are approaching the season still carrying a few extra pounds which you dont want (and will slow you down) then

our 4 week ripped to perform program is just what you need to marry training and nutrition together, check it out now

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Thank you for reading, we would love

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