Really important one this


Knowing what is stiffness, and what is stability


If we don’t know what is what, then we could be creating a whole world of issues for us with bowling and training


On the face of it you’d think they are the same thing and do a similar job


And you’d be half right


They end up doing a similar job but are definitely not the same thing


You know by now (hopefully) all about the joint by joint approach as popularised by strength coach Mike Boyle, which says there is an ascending mobility or stability need at joints through the body


So if the knee needs stability then above and below (hip and ankle) need to be primarily a mobility joint


I say primarily as every joint will have a certain amount of the other involved, so the lower back where we want stability will still have degrees of mobility, just not as much as the upper back (if it hasn’t we are in trouble!)


But there can be confusion around the mobile joints when they struggle


Like the ankle, hips and thoracic


Lets take a look at the ankle


We need that bad boy to be nice and mobile to help your whole gait pattern


That’s why we do the knee to wall dorsiflexion test as part of our weekly check in (which we released a webinar on last week in the Inner Circle)


But we also want the area to be able to absorb and distribute forces while staying rigid


Now this isn’t the same as having a locked up ankle


That is a mobility issue, which we work on in different ways


Don’t assume that an ankle that doesn’t move will help with the ground reaction forces either


It could be locked up, and your achillies/soleus/gastroc could be deconditioned or dysfunctional


Put these together and you could have that stiffness and mistake for stability, not address it a be looking at big problems somewhere down the line


So know what you are trying do when training


Allow the ankle to be mobile, but also the muscles around it to have the ability to become rigid when needed for performance


If you need help then come into the Inner Circle where all the pro content, including all our webinars, exercises and programs


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Think differently





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