Our season for the Worcester lads starts tomorrow, and the pre season period has been a challenge


The weather just has not allowed us to get any momentum with our bowling outside, as well as very little competitive bowling


But the boys have been top draw in all they’ve done and cant wait to get going at Hampshire Friday


So I just thought id share how to taper your week in an ideal world for game day


And the start of the season


Let me start by sharing a story of when I got this horribly wrong


It was a big mistake and looking back I cringe, and cant believe I didn’t injure anyone


But mistakes can be the best way to learn


It was my first season with Northants, I was 25 and wanting to make my mark


Id only been there since the January but the boys had done all id asked and most of them were in good nick coming into the season


I don’t think we had any players injured and the day before the season started I decided an SAQ session would be the way to go


And I put the lads through it, overseas players and all


It was a 45 min blow on, cutting, turning, agility, it was like I wanted to show everyone all I knew about field conditioning


Thankfully no one got injured, but the head coach Kepler took me to one side after and asked if I planned to do that the day before every game


And the way he asked there was no way I’d have said yes or I’d have been a target for his archery the next morning!


It was a wake up call and a mistake ive not repeated


So what should I have done?


Well what we do now is pretty simple


Work back from game day


The day before make it light, not heavy gym session, long bowl or fielding


Keep it easy and almost priming for the next day


2 days before game day use as your heavier bowling and fielding day


The day before that do your heavy (if you have one) gym session


So a week can look like this


Mon- Gym session


Tue- Bowl


Wed- Gym session


Thurs- Decent bowl & field


Fri- light gym work & activation (mediball)


Sat- Play

Sun- Recovery


Work around that and you wont go far wrong


If you want to dive deeper into the actual sessions then we have just uploaded our all new in season maintenance plan to our Inner Circle


Get yours, as well as all other programs, here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently



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