The season is rapidly approaching now


And you are probably logging the amount of balls or overs you are bowling to have a nice progression to the first game, allowing your body to get used to the trauma of being back with the ball in hand


But what a lot of people don’t count for is doing the same for fielding and throwing


Whilst everyone knows that throwing is tough on the body (and the amount of questions we get on elbow injuries is testament to that!) it is something that doesn’t get planned out quite as methodically as a back to bowling plan


In my experience it’s a case of right we are outside, we can field again, lets do a load of catching and throwing


And what quickly follows is either a sore elbow or painful shoulder


Which isn’t a massive surprise


Take the time to actually work out your fielding


See how much high intensity overarm throws will be in the sessions


Start to take the guess work out


So you could be doing a drill with 10 players where they are taking a flat catch 30 meters back and then throwing it back into the guy with the gloves or mit


But instead of just doing it until youre bored, make a liitle test of it


So you could tell the lads they will be doing 10 high intensity throws maximum, but keeping a score of the good ones


If they only got 3 out of 10 in the right area then its something to work on the next time


And it would focus the mind a lot more, add some competitive edge and let the player get in the zone


Cus as soon as they think the drill is gonna go on and on then the intensity drops like a stone, and when that goes the session is effectively over for quality


Take a bit more time and get planning, it might just save a couple of elbow and shoulder injuries


If you need help with how to get warm for this then our Inner Circle has a 40 min video showing the ways we use to get the pro’s going


As well as all the other webinars, videos, drills and programs


Come and join in here



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