This is an injury that pretty much everyone has had at some point, whether you are a fast bowler or not


The ankle sprain


I cant count the amount of times I’ve done both of mine


Im pretty sure that the ligaments around both are on permanent vacation now


But because it is such a common injury we tend to gloss over the importance of having a full rehab


Usually it’s a case of can you bowl? Yep? Then crack on


But I think we need to be a little smarter than this


And part of this is making sure we have a baseline to start with


The kneel to wall dorsiflexion test is one that we do every week with our bowlers so that we know exactly where they are


We can then monitor during the season to track any changes, and if there is a drop off it’s a red flag that something along the line has gone wrong, then we need to investigate, find out what it is and get it right before there are any more repercussions up the chain


But its also a great tool to use as a return to play score


So if your dorsiflexion is say 9cm on your left foot, and you sprain your ankle, we would want you back to that sort of range before letting you back to bowl in a game


If we don’t, and say you lose 10-20% range in that ankle, then down the line we would expect something to have gone wrong


Dorsiflexion allows a lot of movement to be ‘clean’, like lunging and squatting


And also during bowling


So any change will make an impact


So 6 months after you could suddenly be developing a back injury that leaves everyone stumped for the cause but no one took the time to take the ankle off the table, and get the return to play spot on


Normally they smash a massive ankle support brace on it and conduct rehab like that, and then the player just leaves the brace on whenever they bowl, something I wouldn’t recommend


Always get the problem right rather than mask it


Which would lead us onto weight lifting shoes, maybe I’ll delve into them this week too!


Keep training smartly




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