Bowlers who are tendon driven hip dominant bowlers may never brace their front leg.


Think Starc and Steyn.


They haven’t the time to fully extend the contralateral leg forward before it contacts the ground.


This isn’t to say it isn’t possible but you need to make sure it benefits them.


It’s not to say it negatively impacts on performance as well.


You need to work that out for yourself as a coach.


It’s not a STRENGTH issue, it’s a lack of time issue due to an awesome BFC.


I will do more research next winter. Hopefully it will clear things up


One method that guarantee a hip dominant bowlers adds bowling velocity is by improving their approach (run up speed, control and form).


This is 4 months work between clips but a clear demonstration why this bowler has gone from 80mph to 85mph (my stalker pro gun) in a winter’s work. (watch here )



He recently ran 11.04sec 100m in trainers and grass last week and relies on momentum to bowl fast.


To get him quicker he had to improve his run up speed and quality.




This isn’t to say I won’t try and brace his front leg next winter but it is a careful process as change somewhere in the chain will have consequences elsewhere.


I needed to make sure he was robust enough to cope with the massive forces going through his body when he bowls.


So plan for next winter is to use the 1080motion sprint to find the sweet spot with his action.


When it’s slowed down he braces but added momentum causes flexion on FFC.


We will then overload this resistance and then slowly reduce the resistance until technique fails.


Yes I am able to do this due the equipment and will document and share everything.


This kid is insane and according to India A players yesterday, all IPL players he bowled as quick as the quickest pro guys in India.


Yep he’s 18yrs.


We know what we have to do to get you 90mph, so let’s get it going.


Think differently




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