At the end of last week I went to a 2 day certification


It was with a fantastic company called TPI from America, who specialise in golf


Now it may not seem the usual sort of course that I’d go on with it being about golf, but there are a hell of a lot of similarities


And that goes for pretty much all rotational sports


Yes the final outcome is different, but the kinetic sequence (how we move our body parts) to get there is the same


That goes for golf, bowling, batting, boxing, javelin etc


So it here I thought I could get some absolute gems of information out of it


The way I look at things when it comes to course is that even if you leave with just 1 new nugget of info that can help fast bowlers then it’s worth it


It also reinforces how much more there is to learn as well


Now what golf definitely is is ahead of cricket in the technology and how they use it to help their players


Its very rare that first class cricketers in the UK who are not involved in the ECB set up can get some biomechanical analysis at a high level


And at high level im talking about technology that gives useable date about something like the kinetic sequence, and if a bowler is utilising it for maximum efficiency


But its pretty freely available for non pro golfers at clubs


And what TPI do so brilliantly is using the data they have collected since 2003 they can do a physical movement screen which can give you valuable info that can predict where in your swing you will break down


And the interesting thing was golfers big issues are stress responses and fractures just like fast bowlers


But theirs occurs on right side whereas bowlers in the left (right arm players)


They are trying to get ahead of this by fixing movement first, then seeing the effect the freely moving body has on the swing


And they found it is usually a very high one and so the actual coaching needed directly on the swing is minimal


But where they blow us out the water is cricket is still trying to fix the action before looking at the movement


Obsessed with GPS data when there is no return to play criteria


Wanting to lift the shit out of players who have fundamental movement dysfunctions


And whilst it still does it, more and more will break


Which is why it was so refreshing to see this approach and know we are doing everything we can to help our bowlers


And if you need help then come into the Inner Circle for all our pro content


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