One of the key things I’ve wanted cricket strength to do is each article or video to be seen by you and know that what we say is easily digestible


Bring you tried and tested methods and exercises that we have used in the professional game that just might be the difference for you when it comes to getting over injury or increasing performance


Yesterdays article was about helping the back, and I showed you the way we would go about trying to find out what the actual problem was then how to help fix it


Included in it was to work on the core


Now the word core is one im not the biggest fan of


It can be used in far too wide a spectrum of exercises all around the trunk region


But in general terms I say the core and you know what we are talking about


I don’t have to try and inflate my ego by talking scientifically and trying to make myself sound like jonny big nuts


That’s not what youre here for


Obviously the articles do get read by some guys in the industry


And one of these sweet little cherubs decided to reply to the article with a “Core ?”


I asked said ‘guru’ what the reply meant


He replied “Its 2018 and there are enough papers to discredit that core work is good for you back”


Now I had a couple of little issue with this snowflake


The first is putting all your eggs in the basket of journal papers


Of course you can get some great info from them


But you cant rely solely on them


Give them real world case studies instead every day of the work


People who are boots on the ground and working with injured high performance athletes to get them back fitter and better than ever


These are the people to listen to


Not someone spouting up from behind a laptop


For me training the real inner core has been vital in many successful stress fracture rehabs


Id be damned negligent not to make sure it is working well after a back injury


Of course you have to look at the rest of the body too


Id love to see what this genius would’ve prescribed as part of the return to play rehab for a fast bowler with a back injury


The 2nd issue isn’t opening up dialogue and asking what things I’ve used and mean, but blanketly saying core shouldn’t be used for back pain athletes


That borders on dangerous arrogance


Before I got too angry I used the best button on the Internet


The block


And wasted no more time on them


The world is full of people who will try and put you down


As long as youre doing your best, getting the right info and working your ass off, youll be ok


Think differently




p.s. if you want to know the exact way we go about a lower back rehab then the stress fracture 2.0 program is in the Inner Circle, click here









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