Had great questions in from lukeys this week


The big fella has been having trouble with his knee


This is what he asked




Hi mate


I hope you are well, and I hope you can help me.


I am right arm medium hip dominant bowler, I’ve torn my right knee outside cartilage before season, but I am still bowling good.


But some time I’ve got pain and sometimes I don’t but I think getting worse now I’ve to start tapping and bowl so it’s feel ok, but my knees feels weak and loose


I have cleared inside Cartilage 4 years ago but no problem with inside now, and I think I v done that while I was doing lower body strengthening,


I am your inner circle member but couldn’t find anything about cartilage in there,


So can you advise me what should I do?


Or this is the sign to stop bowling,








Lets get stuck into this


The cartilage is a pretty strong bit of kit that is designed to withstand quite a battering


So when there is an issue it’s a red light to have a good investigation to see whats going on


What most people do is it cleaned out then its straight back to doing everything they used to do


Normally you get by fine with this for a while, but then guess what, the problem comes back


If it’s a mechanical and movement problem, it always will


Its no surprise that it was hurting during lower body exercises, and when I asked him what he was doing it was squats and deadlift. Not bad exercises but if lifted with poor mechanics will cause issues


Once the cartilage has a tear there is no easy way on non surgical management


Some days it will be fine, then it will catch


What you can do is get rid of dysfunctions and poor movement patterns and help the knee out. Ensure you have good hip and ankle mobility, quad and hammy strength


All things you can get from the Inner Circle, as well as all our other programs, from injury prevention to bowling specific strength


Click here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently







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