There is one piece of kit that everyone who wants to increase their bowling pace should have


And during the seminars we are putting on the startling worry for us is that so many young players

have never used one before


And it is not the players fault, it should be something that coaches have in their tool box for the players

to use and understand


And the simple bit of kit is a medicine ball, something which has been around for years


You see even if you cant get into a gym, dont have time to do all the exercises or worry that weights

might effect your bowling (yep its true some do still think this, along with the world being flat!) you can

still get hold of a medicine ball and actively work to increase your pace


The beauty of medicine ball work is that it bridges the gap between gym strength and playing performance


After all there is no point busting yourself in the gym all off season and getting strong as hell if you then

cannot transfer that strength into your game, be quicker and better than you were the season before


In all exercises that you do in the gym they have one thing in common, at some point in what ever motion 

you are doing then you have to slow down and decelerate 


With medicine ball work you so not, just like bowling you get to train pure acceleration and power output


From 3 months before the season you should be making the medicine ball your best friend, using it for contrast

work around your strength work, placing greater emphasis on it the closer to the season that you get


Once in the season they are a fantastic tool to help warm up and activate before bowling as well as actually 

using them as part of your season training plan


If bowling quicker is what you want then you seriously cannot afford to overlook the potential of the medicine ball




p.s. if you have been thinking of experimenting with the weighted ball method then maybe this testamonial

will help, more proof of the phenomenal work Steff has been doing

I took my 13yr old son Louis to see Steffan at the end of his first adult season. After a growth spurt he was tall for his age and struggled a bit for strength and coordination.
After a thorough review of his movement and strength levels Steff set him an initial programme. This was followed 2 months later by phase 2 for basic strength. Subsequent phases have become more bowling specific as the new season approaches culminating in the Arm Speed training.
We’ve carried all this training at home. The only equipment we’ve needed has been a set of kettlebell weights, a couple of Thera bands, a couple of medicine balls and a pull up bar.The results have been significant. Louis’ movement patterns have been transformed and his bowling speed has increased significantly even after only a relatively short period so far of OU weighted ball work. This is the phase that has most excited Louis because he can see and feel the transfer of his winters work into his bowling. This is where all the work has started to make sense for him.The most pleasing aspect for me is that Louis has bought into this from day one. Because Steffan has played the game professionally Louis has understood that to raise his standards to the level he hopes to achieve he has to work like a professional. Steff rightly pointed out that the bit of paper with the programme on is not going to make the difference. It’s doing the programme! That work ethic alone is worth alot.

I’m personally delighted to have found Steffan at the time we did. Without his guidance I’m sure we’d have wasted a lot of time and effort on generic exercises that would have had far less effect.
For anyone who is serious about improving their fast bowling I can thoroughly recommend Steffan. But if you want to bowl like a professional be prepared to work like one! We’re looking forward to much more to come for Louis.




Thank you for reading, we would love

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