Might be a strange title for an article


But hear me out big fella


Now there is a lot of scepticism about the FMS out there


Maybe it’s a case of not quite knowing what its role is


For me it’s pretty simple, it’s give us an indication of the movement abilities of a player


And it can provide the tools for S&C’s and physios to have a common language


Now it can get bashed a lot by people saying that it can be administered by someone who hasn’t done a degree, has no sports specific experience and so shouldn’t be given too much value


But I like that


Because we aren’t looking at sports specific movement


We want to just know how you move


Whether you struggle with and overhead squat, or that there is a big disconnect between upper and lower body on the stability press up


Or you struggle to keep your heels down on the in line lunge


These all feed in to an overall picture of the player


Just like capacity scores like a yoyo, 20m sprint or counter movement jump


When you have the whole picture then you know where to start


And you know what their movement capacities can thrive on when loaded


Could be that for you the squat will be more beneficial than the deadlift or hip thrust


Or you’ve got a big upper body asymmetry and so barbell lifting overhead would probably be a bad idea


But it shouldn’t matter who gives the tests, as long as they know what they are doing


Like I started with, you wouldn’t be bothered if the person giving you CPR to save your life was a dr or a cleaner


As long as the job got done


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Think differently






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