Had this question in from one of our Inner Circle this week


He has been on the dysfunction protocols which is part of the Pro content in the Inner Circle and asked this about one of the drills




Hey Dewsy


Am feeling much better thanks to the dysfunction protocols


But with the bottom up kettle bell lunge and press can I not use the kettle bell in the normal position as I know I can lift a lot more like that


The back is feeling amazing, love all the content and help as well








Belting question big lad


So here it is


We use the bottom up approach precisely for the reason that it’s not easy to go heavy


I’ve seen lads you can bench press 150kg try to bottom up press and kettle bell of 10kg and making it look like it’s the hardest thing they have every been asked to do


When doing a big compound movement like the chest press you can recruit a mass of musculature, and at the same time cover up some big dysfunctions (remember if you have a left right shoulder asymmetry then bench pressing really isn’t a great idea)


But getting into a half kneeling position, and putting a kettle bell bottom up, and suddenly you are taking off the stabilisers


We get to have a good glimpse at how much control you actually have in your body, and in the press version the upper quartile especially


Because that kettle bell will expose you pretty quick


You see people complaining about grip and all sorts but its not, it’s a stability issue, and you are struggling to organise the body well enough and for it to be firing in the pattern that we want


Luckily the body is smart, and it will fix itself pretty damn quick, but that doesn’t mean we want to suddenly smash the weight up by getting into the rack positing with the KB


Once you can do maybe 15/16kg and be symmetrical then you can progress, but go back to the bottom up variation has a check in point every week


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Remember during Dec there are no more members


Think differently





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