Can I still get better at 35 plus?

Had this email in last week from our man Kamran


This is what he asked




Hi dude,


A few questions if I may plz :


1- Any exercises for increasing speed and strength of hip especially if most of day is spent sitting on chair / car for work?


2- Any video or some sort of info graphic for showing the negative effects of fried food and fatty food and sugary treats to increase awareness and resolve against bad eating choices.


3- I’m a relatively unfit 37 year old (currently), I have bad eating habits. In the past when I was in my 20’s I have touched 80mph in my peak fitness.


I have not been exercising or eating well nor have I been bowling that much. The question is, is it possible for me to get up to 80 odd MPH and bowl regularly next season if I start training now?








Some cracking little questions, so lets get stuck into trying to answer them


1) One of the big things I would say for anyone who sits a lot would be to do some basic breathing drills, get the diaphragm working again if you are sat for a long time.


This can help massively with resetting the body, which allows the hips to work as they should


Without this the hip flexors can get massively overloaded and tight, especially if you have week glutes as well.


The new dysfunction protocols program we have in the Membership Inner Circle will be a massive benefit here, you join join up here


Also we will be going all through this at the build the fast bowler day on the 1st October, but places are pretty limited now


2) The best thing I’ve found to highlight your eating habits is get a picture taken of yourself in your underwear. This is pretty powerful, its something I do when I’m feeling that I’ve had a crap few weeks or months with nutrition and can be the motivation you need to spark change


The simplest nutrition advice would then be to only eat single ingredient food, so just naturally occurring food like veg, meats, fish, etc


3) There is no reason why following the right nutrition protocols, getting on top of any dysfunctions you have, then work on your action that you can’t get back near to where you want to be


You just need the correct plan and motivation


If you need help with a plan then all our programs are now over in the membership site, which you can join here


Or again come along to our build the fast bowler day, which leaves no stone unturned in our quest to help you become as good as you can, no matter what age


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Lets improve together