Great question in on facebook last week


And funnily enough it is along the same lines of a few things have come up on our Inner Circle page


Here is what was asked




Hello, I know you’re very busy with a lot of coaching.


However I’ve had this issue with my bowling action for a number of years and it’s started to cause me a lot of injuries.


I play Premier League cricket in Devon and I would like to continue.


But injuries have prevented me from playing whole seasons.


My landing leg sort of lands diagonally and it doesn’t look great.


Would you be able to look at two videos quickly and be able to suggest to me how I would go about fixing this please.


It would be greatly appreciated, regards Sam.




Great question and the big fella sent a clip as well


Now injuries, dysfunction and bowling are like the chicken and the egg, trying to find the root cause


For me you’ve got to assess what the body is doing first


If you have a lot of issues in movement, mobility, stability or strength then they will show in the action


Then trying to change the action before fixing the real issue will be like pushing shit up hill, its not gonna stick


Take it back, get a movement assessment, find out what your motor control or mobility issues might be


Then work to fix them, which doesn’t take that long, can reprogram a lot within a month


Work then to get the action cleaner, and there will be a lot less road blocks in the way


So Steff’s isometric bowling drills would be a great way to change the kinematics of the lower body


And if you want to watch a case study of how we go about it then we have uploaded one on our Inner Circle


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