About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to be in the room when we had Jonny Wilkinsons’ kicking coach, Dave Alred, came and gave us a talk on how he worked with him and the rest of the England Rugby guys


Ive spoke before about how he’d get the kickers to think to getting their core engaged and through the ball, something that can be transferred to batting pretty easily


And there was something else that sticks out for me from that talk as well


But not in the way Dave probably imagined it


He showed us a video which was a clip from the classic western, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly staring Clint Eastwood


It showed him walking into a old style western town, you know the ones, just one road with shop’s and bars each side etc


As he was walking he knew there were some people waiting who didn’t want him there, and were lurking with their guns waiting to fill him with lead


But big Clint remained cool and collected and picked them off one by one, being a sniper and being deadly accurate


The message was about how to stay calm when the brown stuff hits the fan


Don’t lose your head, and he equated it to the World Cup winning drop goal that Wilkinson struck back in 2003 v Australia


I took at different view


When facing an injury, dysfunction or just when putting a program together then stay cool and calm


Collect the data, see what it is telling you


If someone has pain be a sniper and go find out why with precision


Don’t jump in 2 footed at the point of pain and overload it


Take a second, formulate the best plan for the bowler then execute it


And the feedback will be pretty clear


For Clint it was how many bad guys went down and if he remained free of any bullets


For the fast bowler it will be are they pain free and able to perform to their maximum


Remember that is always the point


The game


Bowling, taking wickets and improving


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