Batting tips from Jonny Wilkinsons coach

You probably saw the video on Ben Stokes being hit in the knackers during a net this week


And then tee off after smashing the bowlers all over the shop


But aside from wincing there was something I noticed in the way he was playing his shots that took me back to a presentation that Dave Aldred, Jonny Wilkinsons kicking coach and England and British lions coach, gave


Now Im no batting coach at all, but there were big parallels between what he told us about the way he got Wilkinson to kick, and the way Stokes was striking the ball


You remember the way Wilkinson used to get in that crouched position when getting ready to kick, with his arms out in front


Well the arms were about him imagining that he had a spear in his hands and it was being forced into his stomach


This was a simple cus for his to have his core engaged and then when kicking the ball go through it with the body


So the leg wasn’t out in front, the head was over the ball and so he was using the whole body instead of just the leg


And that’s exactly what I noticed some Stokes hitting


He was keeping his head over the ball and down, and going through the ball smoothly


And it looked like he was striking them pretty well


Its interesting how in 2 different sports you can have the same sort of message, but in the end good technique is good technique


How often do you see someone try and over hit the ball, loose all their shape and the ball fly straight up in the air


Instead of out the ground


So it might be something to think about and try out


Here is the video in case you missed it


Think differently




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