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One of the biggest areas we get asked about is the back


Back pain is just so common place now it’s ridiculous


Here is what Adam asked us




Hello Ross


My names Adam, I play cricket for Cornwall and will be going to Wellington with Steffan in 2019.


In the past few months I’ve been having really bad back pains when bowling which is now stopping me from bowling all together. 


Originally these pains only occurred when I bowled but have now advanced into my batting and running altogether.


With a tour to Ireland planned and 3 ECB games in the next 2 weeks that I can’t miss, is there any exercises or recommendations as to what I should do next as this has been occurring for months now.


The pain is in the lower back behind the hips on both sides of my back, originally on the left side but recently been on the right hand side.


The pain is short and sharp but often aches after doing exercise.


Thank you very much






Now obviously it’s difficult to give a definitive diagnosis without seeing him (always try to get to see medical professional if you can)


One of the first things we try to rule out is the stress fracture


Our physio Benny gets players doing the stalk test and extension when there is any lower back pain, and if the pain gets worse then we would be thinking stress fracture/reaction and off for a scan


I sent Adam a link to do this test first up and he sent this response


I had minimal pain when doing it on both leaning back and when twisting, I could feel the lower right hand side pulling but it wasn’t as painful as usual.”


This would be a pretty positive sign that its not a stressy then start to go into some soft tissue work to release around the area, the glutes and hip flexors


Hopefully this will limit the pain to start, and at the same time I’d be getting into some good trunk and stability work


A lot of back pain can be traced back to the core and having poor control


Its pretty simple to get right, so its crazy to miss games with it


Especially important ones


Our back pain program is part of the Inner Circle, as well as all our other programs and webinars


Have a look here if you need more help https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


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