There is something really good happening over on our Inner Circle Facebook page


The members who have joined have been sharing their videos of their bowling and asking for feedback


Which is pretty normal


But the real gold is that the other members are helping each other out, giving advice, talking about each others action


And that is exactly what we want


People don’t learn well when things are spoon fed and they don’t have to think for themselves


And the number of articles that Steff has been putting out recently on bowling, and hip or knee dominate, is immense


But people need to take the time to read and let them digest


Even read them a few time


It’s the same for me as well, Steff is so far ahead of the field everyone has to catch up


This all reminds me of my time at Somerset CCC with the second team


Our coach Mark Garaway was massive on the players talking about each others games


Giving feedback to their batting partner, talking about what they are doing well, what they could do better etc


Team meetings were awesome


We’d set some stuff up and the players would just run with it


I remember the 2 openers we had at the time, Matthew Wood and `Carl Gazzard


Literally knew each others game inside out


And would talk to each other during the games making sure they were doing what they did well, not going off plan


Bowling was the same


One of the big phrases was do what you do well, and they would remind each other of that all the time


It is pretty useless to be sending a team out and they have been so spoon fed that they then cant think for themselves


You want players to be taking control and leading themselves on the pitch


If they cant, then is the coaching actually any good


If you want to come and join the fun then follow the link


And have all the ammo you need to have you best season ever


Think differently



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