stefSteffan Jones is the former Somerset, Northamptonshire,

Kent and Derbyshire fast bowler who forged a career

out of getting the best out of himself physically

He is currently one of the small number of people in the

world who hold an ECB level 3 qualification as well as a

UKSCA accreditation in strength & conditioning

He is the leading coach in England on teaching and using

heavy ball contrast training for fast bowler development

Steffan also runs SJ Enhancing Performance


                                              Contact Steff at steffanjones105@hotmail.com



Ross Dewar has worked in professional cricket

as a strength & conditioning coach  for 14 seasons,                                                                   ross

working with Somerset, Northamptonshire and



As well as holding a degree in sports & exercise science and his

UKSCA accreditation Ross is passionate about self improvement

and helping cricketers become the best they can be physically and



He specialises in sport specific S&C, Movement prep, mobility & recovery

as well as nutrition for health and performance

Contact Ross at ross@cricketstrength.com



Our mission is to help as many cricketers as possible who do not have access to strength and conditioning and specific fast bowling coaching.

We want to show how to bowl faster, how to get as strong as you can for a fast bowler and reduce the risk of injury

We are all about cricket fitness, cricket training and physical preparation to help you be the best you possible can be 

Bowl faster, be stronger, move better

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